KHEWRA Himalayan
Pink Rock Salt

We are one of the pioneers in the Pink Himalayan Salt business. Our ancestors started this business in year 1932, in a traditional way throughout India, Kashmir, China, Afghanistan,Russia & Iran etc. In those days the trade was made through Barter System and the consignments were delivered through Mules, Donkeys or Horses.


Pink Himalayan Salt

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Home Decor with Himalayan Rock Salt

Our company not only deals with Himalayan PINK Salt but we also manufacture Crafted Salt PRODUCTS through local artisans. Working from Decades and Decades being a family Craftsmanship.

HIMALAYAN PINLK SALT is being extracted/Mined from the world’s 2nd largest Mine of rock salt located in KHEWRA District Jehlum Pakistan by using diamond tipped hard tools Since 320 BC. This is the only most pure PINK salt source exists in the Globe NATURLY WITH MORE THAN 84 essential minerals/ trace elements. We the “KHEWRA” ensure the originality of product while its Extraction from the mine, to our Factory. Our Product is truly very pure and Clean, Unprocessed, Natural WHOLE ORGANIC and Food Grade.


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Khewra Salt Testimonials
  • Malaysia
    Got this salt specifically while my son was recovering from concussion because the trace minerals were supposed to be good for his brain. Very happy with this salt.
    Mr Abdull Haleem
  • USA
    The REAL deal!!! Worth every penny!! Once you go Pink you never go back. Regular Table salt has nothing on this stuff!!
    Mr John
  • Pakistan
    My blood pressure doesn't elevate with this salt. I like it because I can use as much as I want with no side effects. And it's loaded with minerals.
    Yasmeen Ahsan
  • UAE
    I have been consuming this brand for some time. I really like that its minded by people not machines , also that its not been filtered so all the natural nutrients are still locked in for the body to absorb.
    Miss Noora Ibrahim
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Welcome to Khewra.We are one of the pioneers in the Pink Himalayan Salt business.